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[18-05-2024] EMC day 2024 & 20 years of celebration will held on 20 May 2024, Monday         

N.B.: This serial is not in order of seniority

Prof. Dr. Mahmuda Begum Professor

Prof. Dr. Mahmuda Begum
MBBS, M. Phil
Prof. Dr. Zaida Rahman Professor

Prof. Dr. Zaida Rahman
MBBS, M. Phil
Dr. Halima Begum Associate Professor

Dr. Halima Begum
MBBS, M .Phil
Dr. Ashrafun Naher Dina Associate Professor

Dr. Ashrafun Naher Dina
MBBS, M. Phil
Dr. Mosfika Mahjabin Assistant Professor

Dr. Mosfika Mahjabin
MBBS, M.Phil
Dr. Khan Sadia Afroz Lecturer

Dr. Khan Sadia Afroz
Dr. Shirajum Monira Lecturer

Dr. Shirajum Monira
Dr. Tania Yasmin Setu Lecturer

Dr. Tania Yasmin Setu
Dr. Setu Saha Lecturer

Dr. Setu Saha
Dr. Emon Singha Lecturer

Dr. Emon Singha
Dr. Afrin Tasnim Seyam	Lecturer

Dr. Afrin Tasnim Seyam